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What do we believe in

We believe knowledge carves paths that can change the world; knowledge is what gives us the ability to innovate and transform.
There are many ways of disseminating knowledge. In our case specifically, we deal with the medical sector, where remaining up-to-date is of the essence. Therefore, CCM organizes high-quality events. We strive for excellence at all stages of event management: planning, execution, coordination and closure. In all instances, development of the scientific program is given special attention.
Providing the best content in every medical specialty—that’s what we believe in!

CCM Concierge Bureau

Our service provides a hotel block to ensure the availability of accommodations for the event, streamlines the reservation process for attendees, enables priority access to booked hotels for speakers, sponsors and other interest groups, and can restrict purchases so they are available exclusively to participants. All services are centralized on the conference website, eliminating the need for double registration and optimizing time.

What do we do?

At CCM, you will have a team of experts at your disposal, dedicated directly to your event.

Sponsors and Exhibitors Support: agressive strategies and relationship
Invited Speakers Management: hospitality, efficiency
Comunications: strategic and creative approach to media management
Project Management: reliability,planning and method
Registration Support: delegate support with detailed information
Financial Project Management: fast and trustworthy
Logistic and Suppliers: quality and good rates and prices.

How do we do it?

We make a point of being involved.
Our 10-year experience adds value to our opinions.
The involvement of our professionals, with backgrounds in a variety of fields, enriches our results.

We are medical event experts. We find lasting solutions. We have in-depth knowledge of our audience and of the idiosyncrasies of the market.
We ensure agility and competence when responding to our clients’ requests and persistence in tackling and overcoming adversities.

Return-focused commercial competencee. We develop bespoke products for event sponsors, with a particular emphasis on the pharmaceutical industry and on medical device and instrument manufacturers seeking a closer relationship with the medical community.
Our objective in this area is to develop profitable events. Therefore, all costs are controlled with no loss of quality.

Our commitment. Transparency in negotiation: all discounts, benefits and other perquisites obtained during our negotiations are passed on to the event. We do not take commissions or compensation of any sort from suppliers.

Partnership and trust in our relationships with clients, suppliers, associates and sponsors. We develop partnerships that seek to benefit all those involved, and build faithful, lasting relationships with quality as a core value.

Reshaping the notion of a medical conference. We pursue constant investment in research, knowledge and technology. After all, only a qualified team of experts with the adequate technical background can consistently provide excellence in medical event management.

• Online registration and submission system;
• Online schedule planner that enables participants to select the activities they wish to attend (also available as apps);
• Express service at affiliated hotels during the event;
• Ready-to-use system for event website creation at little cost;
• Presentation of papers and posters on touchscreen kiosks;


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